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Director of Product Support and Insurance Center

I started my career with a graduate degree in Arts & Science from Kennesaw State University. After graduation, I ventured out to help my dad with his businesses for a few years. After meeting my husband and starting a family, I decided to peruse other areas. I went into getting certified as a Business Analyst, which led to job in telecommunication, where I managed various different projects. Thereafter, I joined various different real estate firms, where I bought & sold houses for investors. I believe my strong background and skills as given me the opportunity to work with Verifacto.

Currently, I provide administrative support to the data entry team, IT department, and sales. I have found that there is nothing too big or strong for me to conquer, and I’m very passionate for finding efficient ways to get things done. I love teamwork and seeing my efforts payoff for the business in the long run. I am eager to help whenever I can and maintain a positive attitude.