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How Insurance Tracking Services Help Reduce Risk

As an auto lender, you need the power to manage insurance risks and reduce your insurance-based losses every day. Current risk management systems (RMSs) allow at least $3.5 billion in losses for companies like yours due to uninsured and improperly insured vehicle accidents every year. Don’t put your business’ assets in jeopardy. Verifacto can help. Let’s take a quick look at insurance tracking services, what they are, how they work, and the benefits of using them for your business. Read more

what is vehicle insurance tracking

What is Vehicle Insurance Tracking?

When you are in the auto finance, banking, credit union and BHPH industries, you need a vehicle insurance tracking solution to help optimize your business operations because when you run efficiently, you will yield greater returns. Review your current system to see if it stacks up when it comes to insurance tracking and risk assessment. Does it have payment reminders, payments processing or an asset recovery management system? If not, consider investing in our vehicle insurance tracking software to protect your assets and improve your business.

At Verifacto, we provide premium risk management solutions so that you do not lose profits on your investment.

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what is collateral protection insurance

What is Collateral Protection Insurance?

As an auto finance company or BHPH car dealer, one of your main concerns is risk management in the auto insurance industry. The responsibility of the borrower is not always guaranteed, but with Collateral Protection Insurance, or CPI, we can help mitigate that risk and help borrowers feel more responsible for the amount they are borrowing from a lender. If you’re a lender, you may have had trouble ensuring borrowers, or helping them purchase adequate auto insurance to fulfill their loan agreement insurance requirements. Verifacto™ insurance tracking software can help your business provide adequate control, risk mitigation, and lending management all in one easy-to-use, comprehensive program. Let’s look deeper into CPI and how Verifacto™ works.

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