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Effectively Communicate with Borrowers Using an Auto Loan Collection System


As an auto lender or insurance company, one of the greatest challenges you face is risk management. The reliability of your borrowers is not always guaranteed and if they are late or delinquent on their car loan payments, you have the potential to lose significant profits. So, how can you best mitigate this risk to protect your investments? With our auto loan collection system, you can use our exceptional PayMinders feature to enhance your communication and collection efforts to ensure the financial future of your business is secure.

With the help of Verifacto, your auto loans will be repaid in an efficient and timely manner.

Communicate with Your Borrowers Using Our Loan Management System

As the old saying goes communication is key. And one of the best ways to encourage effective communications with your borrowers is to automate the process using our loan management system. With our Artificial Intelligence (AI) based communications, you can set up payment alerts and programs. Replies to borrower emails and SMS messages to simplify your efforts and save you time.

How Our Auto Loan Collection System Strategizes Borrower Communications

Our loan management system employs diverse strategies to enhance borrower communication, reducing risks, and boosting profitability.

  • Superior SMS messaging. It has been proven that text messaging receives a much better response from borrowers as compared to phone and email communications.
  • Start the conversation. The best way to encourage engagement is to be the first one to reach out. With automated one-way SMS messaging, you can program our loan management system to send your borrowers questions, updates or requests for feedback.


  • Keep the conversation going. Once you receive responses from your borrowers, you want to keep the momentum going so your business stays on top of their mind. Automate your software to send them alerts, payment reminders and exclusive offers to support your efforts.


  • Timely response times. One of the best ways to foster a symbiotic relationship with your borrowers is to provide quick responses to their inquiries and concerns. With our loan management system, you can set automatic replies to their emails and SMS messages, so you never miss a beat.

Customize Communications Using Our Premium PayMinders Feature

Once you have established routine communications with your borrowers, it becomes much easier to bolster your collection efforts to decrease your risk and increase your profits. Our auto loan collection system will do all of the heavy lifting for you through our excellent PayMinders feature. With payment reminders and individualized communication capabilities, you can rest assured knowing your borrowers will remain complaint on their car insurance payments.

  • Payment reminders. Send automated pay reminders through text messages and emails with event escalation that changes the message content.
  • Customized communications. Our auto loan collection system allows you to choose the frequency and timing of your communications, as well as create dynamic message content based on payment behaviors.


  • Immediate action. PayMinders will send quick email and SMS message responses to your borrowers.


  • Payment processing integration. With our auto loan collection system, your borrowers have the flexibility to make online payments through our digital portal to improve collections and cash flow. 

Our Supreme Auto Loan Collection System Will Streamline Communications and Collections

Leverage our user-friendly loan management software for risk mitigation, improved communication, and borrower compliance, boosting profitability and ensuring success.

Try a demo of our advanced auto loan collection system today to build a better tomorrow for your business. Call us at 678-783-8123 or contact us online to get started.

At Verifacto, we provide optimal outcomes that will exceed your expectations.

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