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 Atlanta, Feb 2024 – Verifacto, a pioneer in providing innovative solutions for auto dealerships, introduces Verifacto e-Sign, a new feature enhancing the capabilities of its Smart DMS (Dealer Management System). With Verifacto’s Smart DMS, dealers can now streamline their operations, save time, reduce overhead costs, and increase profitability through a fully customizable and user-friendly platform.

Verifacto’s Smart DMS offers a range of benefits, including seamless loan origination, compliance tracking, efficient collections, and advanced payment processing. The addition of Verifacto e-Sign further enhance the customer’s experience of buying a vehicle and streamlines  document management process, allowing customers and dealers to electronically sign agreements securely and efficiently manage all signed documents within the customer’s account.

Dealers using Verifacto e-Sign have reported significant time savings and increased flexibility in their signing ceremonies. The platform allows for the creation of a single signing envelope containing all necessary documents, eliminating follow-up emails. Additionally, the system supports online transmission of the envelope URL, providing a convenient option for customers.

Verifacto e-Sign stands out with advanced verification features, including multi factor authentication, ensuring enhanced security for remote signers. The platform seamlessly guides users through the signing process, eliminating delays, expense, and overhead associated with paperwork printing or faxing.

 The introduction of Verifacto e-Sign aligns with the evolving landscape of the automotive industry, where customers increasingly seek online solutions. According to the Cox Automotive Dealer Impact Study 2020, 71% of car buyers express a desire for more online purchase options, emphasizing the need for efficient and user-friendly digital solutions.

 Verifacto’s commitment to providing a tailored and industry-specific platform is evident in the development of Verifacto e-Sign. The platform’s features, such as electronic vaulting for document storage, pricing transparency, and compliance with state requirements, address the unique needs of auto dealerships.

In a market where consumers demand a streamlined and convenient car-buying experience, Verifacto’s Smart DMS, now enhanced with Verifacto e-Sign, empowers dealerships to meet these expectations. By leveraging electronic signatures, Verifacto enables dealers to not only improve customer satisfaction but also stay competitive in an industry undergoing significant transformation.

For more information about Verifacto and its Smart DMS with Verifacto e-Sign, please visit the Verifacto website.