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How to Leverage a Smart DMS to Increase Profitability 


When owning and operating a dealership, having an effective dealer management system is a must. However, if your business is using an outdated system that lacks the proper tools to promote efficient operations, it leaves you vulnerable to unnecessary overhead costs, which could decrease profits and put your portfolio at risk. However, with Verifacto’s smart DMS, you will have the innovative technology you need to optimize your performance so you can increase your earnings and drive your dealership to success.

At Verifacto, our smart DMS is guaranteed to provide superior solutions that will increase your revenue.

What is a Smart DMS?

A smart DMS is a cloud-based software that utilizes artificial intelligence integration to streamline the operations of your dealership from a single platform. It is designed to provide specific supports to the automotive industry including loan origination, compliance enforcement, collections, payment processing, insurance tracking, reporting, and more. With a smart DMS, you will be equipped with the advanced tools and technology you need in one user-intuitive system so you can improve efficiency, reduce risk, and maximize your revenue.

How to Leverage Verifacto’s Smart DMS to Increase Profitability

There are several ways in which you can utilize Verifacto’s smart DMS solutions to increase the profitability of your business.


  • Enhanced automation. Featuring advanced automation, the DMS is programmed to automatically enforce compliance, track insurance, and communicate with customers. These functions will protect your portfolio and streamline your collections to boost your bottom line.


  • Decrease insurance losses. Verifacto’s DMS saves all insurance notices to customer accounts and keeps a detailed record of every driver’s full insurance history. This reduces your loan insurance risk, so your investments are always secure.


  • Increase CPI. When your customers drive without the proper insurance, it puts your assets and finances in jeopardy. With smart DMS, you will receive premium CPI management solutions that will lower your risk by forcing insurance compliance according to state guidelines.


  • Better collection efforts. Featuring an integrated messaging system, the smart DMS will enhance your flexibility and control in communicating with customers by using automated SMS and emails. By utilizing artificial intelligence, you will strengthen your collection and compliance efforts to maximize your return on investment.

Why Choose Verifacto?

As a technology-based company, Verifacto provides you with everything you need to run the daily operations of your dealership from one simple to use platform. With modern technology that provides a better performance to customers and employees, it will allow you to improve your business performance with several advantageous features including:

  • Loan Origination
  • Smart Compliance
  • QuickBooks Integration
  • KPI Tracking
  • Automated Batching
  • Real-time Reporting
  • Intuitive Dashboard
  • Seamless Communications
  • Efficient Collections
  • Easy Payment Processing
  • Insurance Tracking
  • CPI Protection

Invest in a Smart DMS to Enhance Your Earnings Today

By implementing a DMS at your dealership, you will become more efficient, reduce overhead costs, and drive profitability so you can reach and exceed your earning potential.

Call us at 678-783-8123 or contact us online to learn more about the system and schedule a free demo.

At Verifacto, our smart DMS solutions will manage the workflow so you can focus on running your business.

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