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Smart Dealer Management System for Auto Dealers

Verifacto’s Dealer Management System Solution

Verifacto’s Dealer Management system is a cloud based Smart DMS that enables a client to increase revenue and profit, reduce insurance risk and increase collections with innovative technology.

Our Smart DMS is a flexible system with modern features that make it easy to deliver a better experience for employees and customers.

Built in Artificial Intelligence fully maximizes customer communication.

Increase Profitability

By 200%

  • Increase automation
  • Decrease insurance loss
  • Increase collateral protection insurance penetration
  • Better collections

Increase Efficiency

By 400%

  • Automated messaging system
  • Fully unified platform
  • Advanced real-time payment processing
  • Advanced document management

Reduce Insurance Risk

By 200%

  • Insurance tracking
  • Collateral protection insurance management
  • Automatic insurance messages
  • Automatic workflow

Reduce Compliance Risk

By 400%

  • Compliance check by state
  • CPI compliance placement, removal & document storage
  • Communication compliance

Dealers save time, reduce overhead and increase profitability when using Verifacto’s innovative and fully customizable DMS.

Verifacto’s DMS offers benefits that lower your risk, save time, and increase profits:

  • Originations: Verifacto’s Smart DMS enables dealers to originate loans, print agreements, and save the original copies to the customer account.  We support e-signing the agreements and provide the user with a full document management system to manage all signed agreements.
  • Compliance: SMART DMS that tracks and enforces compliance requirements by state which includes agreements, Communication, Collection, Payments, CPI and easy to manage and respond to compliance risks.
  • Collections: Increase control and flexibility with our integrated communication system featuring automated SMS and emails. Leveraging artificial intelligence to increase collection efficiency and compliance.
  • Payment Processing: Our software has the most advanced payment processing that is designed to increase efficiency by providing flexible and easy options to pay using a mobile phone, desktop and IVR.

Verifacto’s DMS is FREE when added to the insurance tracking and payment processing platforms.

  • Insurance Tracking: With seamless automation, our software streamlines processes for efficiency and reduce portfolio loan insurance risk. Our SMART DMS saves all insurance notices to the customer accounts and provide full insurance history.
  • Collateral Protection Insurance (CPI) SMART DMS provides CPI management to help Dealers Reduce insurance risks and increase CPI Penetration. The system tracks CPI compliance per state automated communication with the customer and increases CPI payment collections.
  • QuickBooks Integration:  With online integration, you can support multiple branches of your business using automated batching.
  • Dashboard and Reporting: Track your key performance indicators using our dashboard and reporting to make informed decisions for your business.
  • Coming Soon: Easy Lease platform which will enable dealers to generate revenue from unsold inventory.

At Verifacto, our Smart Dealer Management System manages all so you can focus on what matters most—running your business.

Verifacto is a leading provider of cloud-based software for auto lenders, dealers, and finance companies. With DMS, lenders can rely on our professional experience to help them set up, manage, configure, and maintain their loans. Verifacto’s DMS is available only through their risk management portal. Other lender solutions from Verifacto include insurance trackingcollateral protection insurancebankruptcy search application and POC filing system, and payment processing software.

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