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September 30, 2020, Atlanta, Ga.- Verifacto, a leading provider of insurance tracking and risk management company, announces the launch of a brand-new loan management system (LMS) to its digital platform. This solution allows finance companies to quickly collect loans on time, while expertly managing each customer’s loan status and insurance risks. Finance companies save time, money, and increase profitability when using Verifacto’s fully customizable LMS.

“Verifacto’s new platform increases collection efficiency with an artificial intelligence AI system that automatically or manually replies to customers emails and SMS.” said Hezi Moore, CEO and Co-Founder of Verifacto. “The AI system enhances and automates the collection process by generating the most effective messaging content that helps lenders resolve collection issues and reduce overhead. This advance collection system along with very robust insurance tracking and CPI management system enables lenders to increase profitability.”

Verifacto’s LMS is a full collection system that easily integrates with QuickBooks accounting, insurance tracking, collateral protection insurance (CPI), and payment processing to give finance companies complete visibility over their portfolio of clients and helps save money by staying on top of each loan payment status. With Verifacto’s LMS, lenders can rely on the company’s years of professional experience to help them set up, manage, configure, and maintain their LMS.

When finance companies use Verifacto’s payment processing and insurance tracking accounts, they receive the new LMS free for a fully integrated risk mitigation system.

The new LMS will be available through Verifacto’s Risk Management Portal. This portal is home to Verifacto’s other innovative products, including Insurance Tracking, CPI Management, Bankruptcy Search, POC Application, and Payment Processing.

About Verifacto Inc.

Verifacto is a loan and risk management technology company providing loan management and insurance tracking with focus on improving the ways auto lenders and borrowers connect with information. Verifacto’s leading platform offers innovative product solutions that mitigate insurance, compliance, and financing risk. Its platform provides secure, technologically advanced workflow solutions that provide timely information and a call to action that results in reduced costs of clients’ back-office management, compliance and risk of loss, and increased profitability. For more information, visit