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July 22, 2021, Atlanta, Ga. – Verifacto, a leading provider in technology announces the launch of a Smart Dealer Management System (DMS). This solution enables Dealers and Finance Companies to manage their business with new technology that gives them a cloud-based platform to originate and manage loans from one unified system.

Dealers and Finance Companies experience increased insurance risks and profitability challenges due to changes in consumer behavior.  The current DMS and Loan Management System (LMS) software available in the market were not designed to manage risk and profitability. Current DMS and LMS in the market outsource the majority of the features they list.

Verifacto’s SMART DMS is designed to manage risks and profitability in the changing automotive consumer markets.  Verifacto provides a range of built-in features to originate loans, manage loans, customer communication, collections, insurance tracking, and CPI management in one unified system with real time data and leveraging Artificial Intelligence.

Because Verifacto develops its own technology, changes related to loan documents, payment transactions, phone calls, texts, emails, GPS interaction, insurance tracking, CPI placement and removal plus other services gets recorded on the customer’s account in real time.

“For the first time in the history of the Automotive Finance Industry there is a Smart Dealer Management System that was designed based on current automotive market trends and needs.” said Laeeq Malik, VP of Client Integration

“Stay tuned for Verifacto’s new technology that will revolutionize the Auto Finance Industry by enabling dealers to generate revenue from unsold inventory.” said Hezi Moore, CEO and Co-Founder of Verifacto. “Verifacto is an innovation driven company bringing desperately needed technology to the Automotive Finance Industry.”  

Verifacto is home to products including Insurance Tracking, Collateral Protection Insurance (CPI), Payment Processing and Loan Management Software (LMS).

About Verifacto Inc.

Verifacto is a risk management technology company providing insurance tracking with focus on improving the ways auto lenders and borrowers connect with information. Verifacto’s leading platform offers innovative product solutions that mitigate insurance, compliance, and financing risk. Their platform provides secure, technologically advanced workflow solutions that provide timely information and a call to action that results in reduced costs of clients’ back-office management, compliance and risk of loss, and increased profitability. For more information, visit